Welcome to à cause des brunettes. Even though the name sounds very French, I am not. My name is Julie, currently 24 years old and living in Antwerp (Belgium). I started this blog when I was 19 years old, still living at home and had nothing to worry about except what clothes I was going to wear. This sounds quite superficial but actually I’m the opposite. The clothes I wear go beyond the materials you can see and feel. To me it’s about a personal style and I embraced a kind of je m’en fous, I’m going to wear what I like. Over the years I finished a bachelor degree in communication and a master's degree in strategic communication as well. I lived in Barcelona for 6 months and went to New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles within the same year. I consider myself being very lucky.

 I studied Fashion management at the UIBS, gained experience at a PR agency and I let my creativity flow on this blog. All of these changes lead to the fact that I have other things to worry about except clothes. I am a strong supporter of people who dare to express themselves (always used to be and will be). That’s why I think that style is not only reflected in clothing, but in everything we own and do. This way of thinking has led to different interests like interior, travel, beauty and food.

Contact me ✉︎ julieg205@gmail.com