by - September 04, 2018

This season I did no - I repeat no - sales shopping (during sales). But from when to when does this period last exactly? In my eyes things have changed compared to when I was young. At that time sales were only from the first of January until the end, and from the first of July until the 31st. 

But now, you can find sales everywhere at any given time. And that's what happened to me.
I found this polkadot dress off-sales-season on a rack with only a few other items left. 
It's so feminine! and yet not revealing at all (which you won't really see in this post but I'm telling you). As the tomboy I am, I combined the dress with a grey sweatshirt and my new favourite sneakers. I've been on the hunt for them for two months, and finally found them at My Theresa.

Images taken by LDB Photography

Unfortunately, as the dress was the last one left, it's not available in store anymore. However I looked up some other dresses that I would like, if you'd get inspired.

1) Mango, 2) & Other Stories, 3) Mango, 4) Asos



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