The Chanel experience

by - July 10, 2018

While still being so impressed and living a bit in the Chanel haze, I'm so happy to share this special experience with you. Last week I got invited by Chanel to go to Paris and get introduced into the world of the Hydra Beauty range, skincare products that have an incredible hydrating power. I've been struggling a bit with the heath in Belgium lately to keep my skin glowy and moist so to be honest this trip couldn't be a coincidence.

So the day started with driving to le Pantin from the center of Paris, being accompanied by the lovely ladies of Chanel and two fellow bloggers from Belgium/France and The Netherlands. I'm an early bird so I was stoked to get there and to be honest a little bit nervous. Upon arrival we were guided all the way up to a meeting room where the first presentation was given. 

Did you know Chanel has a scientific research team of more than 250 people in three laboratories around the world? There are three steps that they take care of:

  • The creation of natural signature active ingredients (which are extracts from the Camellia flower and Bleu ginger for the Hydra Beauty line)
  • Creating formulas with these ingredients
  • And of course, continuously looking for innovatie and exclusive technologies

Next the expert team showed us how they extract the active ingredients, which will later be mixed together with base ingredients to create a perfect skincare formula. Sounds easier than it is of course.

Basically, Chanel created five products focused on a non-stop protection against stress and pollution. 

These are (from left to right shown in the image below);
Micro cream, Micro serum, Micro gel yeux, Camellia night mask and - my personal favourite - the Micro liquid essence.

The order of applying them is not the same as shown below, it should be; first the liquid essence followed by the serum, then the gel yeux and to finish the cream. What I was taught is that this is the base for perfectly looking make up. If your skin isn't hydrated enough your make up will look bad because it'll start to crack and become very dry.

Another cool thing to know is that the liquid essence and the cream both contain about 5000 micro droplets (a bit like tiny bubbles known from the bubble tea). They are actually fresh camellia cells (from the flowers) and because they are suspended in a jellified liquid solution they won't burst. The droplets contain essential nutrients like vitamins, carbohydrates, amino acids and lipids.

We did a workshop on how to apply the products, which basically comes down to the basic techniques of massaging the product outwards with your hands. I tend to get a greasy skin quite easily so for me, I do this routine twice a week. I'm working on a vlog of the trip so keep an eye on my youtube channel.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed the trip!



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