Small living: the project

by - July 23, 2018

Lately I've been looking into some home interior inspiration and after making several mood boards and collecting images of furniture I decided to make a final mood board and start redecorating bits of my living room. It's a really bright and white space, but the total surface isn't that big and it has some cut off corners. Until now, I've always liked the combination of white and grey. I have this big dark grey sofa combined with the typical white industrial IKEA rack combined with a same style table and tv stand. But ever since my plant family started to expand I noticed that you can't put plants in a full room. I'm inspired by living rooms that are super light and airy and just have some space where there's empty corners.

As I'm preparing the makeover I'd like to show you how my living room looks like now. So I afterwards you can see the differences.

As I said, our grey sofa takes up a lot of space. And also because of its dark colour it immediately draws all of the attention. 

So these are the moods I created; at first I was thinking about adding a bit of colour still by looking into a blue couch but I'm not sure I'll get bored of it. That's why I made two mood boards, one with a white one and one with some blue couches. What do you prefer? Any advice?



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