Spring wishlist

by - March 20, 2018

Aloha! In my previous post I gave into this subtle girly side of me: I added a dash of pink to my wardrobe. I must admit, this part of me completely took over my spring wardrobe, and I'm not even ashamed. Funny though how most of the items sold in stores nowadays don't match up to my fashion expectations. I rarely find treasure pieces and I started becoming much more critical and thoughtful when I'm tempted to click the 'pay now' button (except for shoes and accessories - my bad). I assume it's a good thing. Maybe it's a consequence of working in luxury fashion. I pay much more attention to quality and the timeless aspect of items - even though I don't have a big budget to spend - I tend to pick and choose wisely. While writing this I suddenly feel so mature - hah. 

Here are some items that've been on my wishlist for a long time - and which are making their entrance into my wardrobe.

Are you Spring18-ready?


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