Festive mood

by - December 27, 2017

When it comes down to picking a New Year's eve look or an outfit for Christmas - I wanted to say I'm always last minute but really I have usually no clue what to wear at all. The dresses I see in store windows look to shiny, show too much skin, are too short. I'm such a difficult person when it comes to party dressing (not just that but hey). I feel like either you look like 80% of the other girls during the event or you stand out too much so it becomes embarrassing. Funny thing is, I've never been a girl who liked wearing cleavage-dresses, so there aren't too many options left.

As earrings have played a big part in my looks lately I cannot see myself attending any dinners without them this season. I combined these statement pieces with minimalistic earrings. Details are my favourite part of my looks; so is this Markberg crossbody.

A while ago I also had quite a big crush on these Céline v neck pumps but of course my wallet didn't feel the same way. I found these ones just recently and they are quite a good replacement.

Images taken by Axelle Degrave

What will your outfit look like to end 2017?



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