The home post

by - March 04, 2017

As I mentioned before I moved into a cosy new place recently. I'm not the type of person to buy all of the furniture or decorations right away, I'd rather look for bits and pieces that come together over time. What is interesting though is that it seems as if I'm going through a gold phase. A tip I wanted to share with you is put your makeup (that doesn't fit in your makeup bag) into a maison jar. It's decorative, and you can find everything easily since it's see-through. My vintage looking golden mirror is from Usi Maison they also have Tiffany lamps and all kinds of vintage furniture.  

kitty wink;-)
I've been holding onto my instax pictures for a while now and I decided to display them on my wall using washi tape. With all the summer trips I've planned I can't wait to make many more. 
This letter board is from Funkk. Comes with enough letters to make the cutest quotes!

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