Baby steps

by - February 05, 2017

Baby steps. That's what this blog post is all about. I'm showing you my favourite outfit with two different pairs of shoes and two completely different styles. The first look is with the Silver 70s booties from Sacha. Because the outfit consists out of quite neutral colours I didn't see any harm in combining it with these eye catchers. In my previous post I already told you that I'm a flats/sneakers person. Heels aren't up my alley at all but ankle boots can be. The criteria for them is: the heel cannot be higher than 8cm, then I just know that I will never wear them anyways. Oh and texture, usually that makes the shoe stand out no matter the colour!

Oh and check out this daim/see through bag! It's from Belgian bag designer Mimo bags. I'm in love!
For the second look, I kind of returned to my comfort zone. I said kind of. I always thought of these Dr. Martens that they look amazing on other people but that they'd look like clown shoes on me. In the beginning it was something to get used to since looking down on your feet when wearing them they still give a heavy feeling to it. After walking around in them at home for a few hours the stiff leather adjusted itself to my feet and they felt really comfortable. Also they're matte! They don't have the yellow sole.
photography by Liesanne De Beenhouwer


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