just a regular week day

by - January 23, 2017

Growing up during my teens I've always been the tomboy-girl type. Sneakers were my highest priority and my closet was full of hoodies or sweaters. Nowadays I still feel most comfortable when wearing that ensemble since somehow I didn't get the I-can-walk-very-well-in-heels-gen. So here's one of my day-to-day outfits. 

Oh and yes, I cut my hear in October and got a few (you can barely see them but yes they're there!) highlights. I've never done anything with my hear until then because I'm immensely scared for colouring my hair. But it turned out pretty well because of the natural Aveda hair products. I'm not sure about letting my hair grow long again. I love how easily it is to maintain and somehow I feel like there are a lot of girls out there with long hair and it would make me a bit different in a way. 

photography by Monica Ho


hooded jacket H&M trend // turtle neck sweater Weekday
ripped denim Zara // sneakers Adidas by omoda


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