by - September 21, 2016

A lot has changed since my last post. In fact I'm saying goodbye to the days of sleeping in late and being a couch potato - I had 2 months of holiday. I graduated in June and 
received my Master in Fashion management degree, so after I've been released into the grown up world. I guess. During my weeks off I started looking for some jobs I might be interested in. Unfortunately, I feel like the fashion industry in Belgium is so outdated and not creative at all. I was quite fortunate when a company called me and asked me for an interview, it took just one month and I was hired as Fashion Editor. 

That was a quick intro on how my life changed the past few months. Duifhuizen gave me the opportunity to choose this cute Love Moschino bag, which I combined with a cute last summer outfit. Since it's supposed to be the beginning of fall today, but in our minds it's still summer.

bag Duifhuizen // slipon dress Newlook // ankle boots Omoda // jewelry Shashi NY


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