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With everything and everyone being online 24/7, it's nice to cherish some things that are permanent. When moving into our new place, in which we have been living for the past six months, it felt like a blank canvas which we could decorate ourselves completely. An all white surrounding is perfect for some graphic design pieces, by which I thought of Hanna Kastl-Lungberg, a 23 year old Swedish design student. What's crazy is that she is my age and so talented when it comes down to graphic design. I asked her some questions about her vision and passion, her answers were confronting yet very real.

Describe your vision on graphic design

Basically, my vision is to bring people pretty things that makes them happy and that they feel adds something to their home and/or lives in one way or another. I just take inspiration from what I think looks amazing and try to make as good things myself. I'm not interested in politics and such so my work isn't oriented in any directions, though the bachelor I'm taking is design for sustainable development and I try to think about that as much as possible but it's not anything that is visible in my work. I believe by making art that does not have any political/ethical/religious/whatever opinions hidden in it, makes it easy for people to understand and to have their own thoughts about.

Where do you find our inspiration?

I recently realised that I find inspiration in stuff that I don't have or don't have access to. Like clothing and interior design brands that are too expensive for me or places with different nature and vegetation than we have here in Sweden. The 80s and 90s also influence me a lot. Furniture and objects, interior, graphics, music and clothing. That might also be because, even though the 90's is back, it's impossible for me to experience these actual decades. I'm born in the early 90's so I did get to see that but I have always wanted to live as a youth in the 80s. Like seriously how cool!? I would stalk Bon Jovi and be front row on every show!

What are your future plans?

Earlier this year I started up my own business, so my plans are to develop it more and more and make my name and brand stronger. As well as my portfolio. I have some goals I want to pursue like moving to California and see how my work is recieved there. Partly because the majority of the people getting in touch with me are from Cali but mostly because I'm obsessed with the state. My work is hugely inspired by it. I would also love to curate some sort of independant magazine which is 100% mine and let's me include whatever I want.

What would the key features (colors, materials, furniture,..) of your ideal interior be?

All white walls and preferably white floors would be perfect so I could put all my colorful accessories in there without any disturbing elements around it. Being Swedish and growing up around Scandinavian design has definitely made an impact on me and my sense of what is nice design and interior. I love light wood and I think furniture simply made out of a piece of plywood is really beautiful and definitely together with white enamalled steel a
nd then lots and lots of colorful details all over the place. A quite minimalistic expression but it's really not cause I have loads of stuff, but I want it to feel minimal.

It is so interesting to read someone else's story who has the same age and doesn't live that far away from you. To me creativity represents freedom and expressing who you are, people who are passionate about that whether it's art, fashion, music, etc definitely deserve a hundred thumbs up!

Want to see more of Hanna's art work? Check her website : http://hannakl.com 


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