Sneakpeek: our Ikea dining room

by - June 14, 2016

We moved into our new place in Februari 2016. Even though it's not entirely finished (always craving for new deco stuff) I wanted to write a few things about the center piece of our apartment : the dining room. As I wrote in my inspo post I'm a big fan of Scandinavian interiors. On my interior goals-list: a large wooden table with a bench and chairs. I set my standards pretty high when it came down to finding a wooden table. I never thought there were so many differences in types of wood. I am planning on showing you some sneak peaks of our place since the full pictures will be shown in an upcoming post!

Before starting the furniture shopping spree I made a mood board to kind of visualize the idea that I had in mind :

After searching online on the Ikea website for quite a while I found one big table that caught my eye. Unfortunately at first they didn't have it in Belgium so I went to the one in Breda multiple times to check the one I saw online. After thoughtful comparison I really had set my mind on the one I first saw when returning home. Seriously, we went to Ikea for at least 3 times as I wanted to be sure I would make the right decision. It might sound a bit serious but this dining table would be there to stay. Meaning that I was not planning on buying one very quickly after I would've bought "the one".

The table and benches are both from the SKOGSTA collection, and are made out of acacia wood. It's actually a really nice type of wood since I compared a lot of types. It goes so well with a LUDDE sheepskin!

As you can see in my mood board I initially wanted to add some black chairs since the undercarriage of the table is black too. When I was in the Ikea store I could actually try and see which chairs would look best with the table and to me these VOLFGANG grey ones matched way better with the table and our HODDE carpet

Before, when I was living in my student studio I wasn't keen on taking care of plants. But now I even bought a Sanseveria and some cacti on our trip to Amsterdam. Speaking of a turnaround, we have about 6 plants of which 5 are Ikea plants 

In the next Ikea post I will show you some pictures of how the final result looks. The bigger picture.


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