by - June 05, 2016

Trends come and go, but patches are a style trend that already exist for a very long time. As a symbol of youth rebellion youngsters started adding patches and paint messages to their garments in the 1950s and 1960s. Before, they were used to cover up holes in threadbare clothing and labeling people in uniforms. The 1960s rebel-trend had an impact on the hippies of the 1970s. As a form of protesting against the protesters of the Vietnam war, 1970s youngsters added the patches to their clothing to spread a message of love and peace.

I have always been a fan of patches but I have never actually added to clothing myself. On a grey Sunday afternoon like this I started a little DIY project : adding patches to some of my clothing pieces! For a klutz (someone who is not very handy) like me this was actually the most easiest thing to do in DIY world I guess.

I received the Mickey mouse hand from DYOU studio, the other patches I ordered on Aliexpress. 

STEP 1) : place patch on the perfect spot of your garment
 STEP 2) : cover the patch with a table cloth
STEP 3) : iron on the covered patch for 30-40 seconds
the result
Hope you liked this post! Go start DIY-ing yourself!

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