by - June 08, 2016

I think it was at the beginning of 2015 that I posted a blog post on my daily used beauty products, well that routine has changed, a lot. I started trying out much more qualitative products which definitely have had their effects on my skin. I still haven't become a pro in beauty but still, I know what products I like to put on my face (which is not an easy decision to make I swear) and I know what products have an impact (at least for me because it's a very personal matter). 

When pointing out what beauty product is on my number one priority list it has to be the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum. You only have to apply two to three drops of the serum first onto the palm of your hand and then slightly dip it onto your face. When applying your day/or night cream after your face will retain the moisture that your skin needs much more effectively.

I always take off my make up before I go to bed. Even sometimes when I get home I immediately remove all of it. Therefore the Sérum Anti-imperfections of Fleur de Santé is perfect for applying on a clean skin. The targeted treatment helps to achieve a flawless look without imperfections. The Sérum Hydratant has a cooling texture that targets signs of dehydration. The last one is also perfect when coming out of the shower on holiday.

Talking of going on holiday, I just got back from my annual Ibiza trip and I noticed that I started to get more sunburn easily than before. I never really paid attention to what type of suntan I use but I came to consideration that it actually really is. I used to judge the quality of the products by its smell only but of course that's not the right way to do so. I tried out the Rituals body oil with F30 sun protection, and guess what it's not sticky!! And it protects the skin perfectly against the sun. Another good Rituals product is the protection spray for your hair! After the tanning comes the aftersunning! This is one of my favorite moments of the day when being on holiday: getting out of the shower and rubbing yourself in with good smelling aftersun! Yves Rocher's hydrating and repairing aftersun milk is perfect for that (that smell!!!)

My hair has always been as steep as it can be, even without using a straightener. Some say I'm blessed because of that, but I sometimes crave beachwaves. Redken has come up with a treatment for beachwaves!!! The productline is called beach envy and consists out of a shampoo, conditioner and hairspray.

When you are not that into beachwaves but are looking for an intensive curing treatment for your hear I can only recommend you the Mythical oil line. Because of the argan and cotton seed oil it nourishes the hair deeply. The hairspray even takes care of your hair looking all fluffy.

I love these rouge volupté shine oil-in-stick lipsticks! Their really pigmented and their packaging.. enough said.

Last but not least comes nailpolish. I use them on a regular basis actually and don't have all nude nails often. The ones from L'Oréal actually stay so long. However I would like to try gel-lack in the future again! I think it's soo handy. Oh and you also should try Maybelline's vivid matte liquid gloss. It looks like you're wearing lipstick but it doesn't feel sticky at all.


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