by - May 10, 2016

Happy one year anniversary to House of Products! HOP is a Dutch web shop selling deco/interior and fashion accessories and gifts for kiddo's as well as the hipsters and parents (and for yourself of course). Their motto : more of the unique, less of the same. Looking at their web shop their offer lives completely up to this motto. Brands with great stories are the basis of HOP. Like for example the Yunit shirts, which have a unique fitting which makes them wearable for men and women! These shirts are also made of organic cotton, this is amazing since cotton production is one of the most polluting industries in the fashion industry.

The way HOP puts the emphasis on stories to me is the answer to the abundance of information commercial brands try to put into our minds. A good and interesting story grabs attention and makes you want to listen to it.  I added some of their products to my interior and took a few photographs of it! 

The black paperbag cannot only be used for plants but also as storage for accessories, desk material,.. They also have it in different colors and sizes!

This tissue box comes in soo handy! I always find the packaging of tissue boxes so ugly, this one is made out of thick carton so it's very sustainable and will make your fugly tissue boxes look very nice. 
Another great item! This world map allows you to mark your road trip with chalk! Of course you can always add some pins or stickers on to it, but the chalk let's you redraw your trip again and again! P.S. We're going to Miami this summer! Leave some tips in the comment section!
Besides the minimalistic tissue box they also have cute other storage boxes coming in different minimalistic patterns. 
Check out House of Products and wish them a happy birthday!

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