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Valencia 7/04/2016 - 11/04/2016 - Starting with the good job the people at the airport of Charleroi did when organizing all of the flights that were moved there from Brussels Airport. Even though we had to leave at 2 at night to take our flight at 6am, I was quite satisfied with the way all things worked out. We arrived on time in Valencia and immediately felt the rays of sunlight on our skin when stepping out of the plane. Taking the metro was so easy, and brought us to our B&B 7moons. The bed and breakfast was located close to the old centre and the Green River. Beside the fact that we bumped into a Belgian or Dutch person every 5 minutes, the local people were quite ok (compared to Barcelona). 

To our own surprise, on our first day (we didn't sleep before we took our flight) we were still quite active. After arriving at our b&b we immediately went to the old centre to pay a visit to the Mercado Central. Quite big, astonishing architecture and good food. After walking around for 2-3 hours we went back to our room and took a nap. Nacho, one of the owners of the b&b, recommended us "the best local tapas place in Valencia" and let me tell you, it was amazing (La Pilareta) very cheap, but very good and fresh food. The day after we started off at La petite brioche for breakfast. In my opinion, when looking for a good place to have a good breakfast, there's no place like home. La petite brioche, was cute and cosy, but didn't really live up to my expectations when I ordered the yogurt + muesli. The yogurt was ok, but the muesli looked like it came out of a 3 year old box. They did have really good sorts of fresh teas!

After we had breakfast we went to the beach and I spotted some cute colored houses.

And we also went to the "Green River", it's a park that goes along the entire city of Valencia and ends with the Ciudades de las Artes y Ciencias. At the beginning we had some difficulties with the fact that most restaurants only open around 8.30pm. In Belgium we are used to eat around 6pm so as you can imagine I was craving food veery badly around 5pm. Therefore I was eating more in between = perfect solution haha.

As I said the people in Valencia aren't on the same level when talking breakfast as we are in Belgium. Yet this cute new place is getting there. It's called Zummsalads they serve healthy and friendly(?) food. Apparently the Spanish people eat lots of bread in the morning, which is not really my thing, so I was very happy that I could have my yogurt and fresh pineapple + kiwi there. We rented bikes for 24h for only 10€ at Valencia Luxury bike rentals, it's around the corner of the breakfast place. We drove all the way to the zoo called Bioparc. I can honestly say I've never seen such a beautiful zoo in my life. You can actually walk around where monkeys live freely and see mindblowing gorilla's. We had the honor to see a hippo shit in a tank which made the entire water cloudy haha. 

If you rent bikes I think the best thing you can do is bike along the entire Green River up to the zoo and then go all the way down again to the beachside. At first we couldn't really find any cosy terraces or market places, until we biked to Paseo Neptuno. We had paella at Tapas bar. 

On our last day we had breakfast at Dulce de leche  in Ruzafa. This place looked a whole lot more like our breakfast spots! The interior was super nice and the way they serve their food is definitely insta-worthy. 

This last day we also went to ciudad de las artes y ciencias (which was kind of mindblowing as well, stunning architecture) and after we spent the rest of the day at the beach! There was quite a lot of wind and I didn't rub myself in at first so I kind of got a little bit of sunburn (which has turned brown already so no worries). 

Here are some more impressions of the beautiful architecture Valencia owns :

I have to tell you, life was made much easier by wearing this backpack (from Zalando) instead of a handbag. I was so happy that I had my topshop backpack with me to bike and walk around constantly without carrying a handbag. It's big enough to fit magazines and an iPad in it, but small enough to not be a burden on your back. And (!!) I ordered it on Monday and it arrived on Wednesday just in time since I had my flight on Thursday morning. 

Some other tips :
  • Black Turtle (went there, hipster burgers, cheap prices, food was ok)
  • Lalaland (good for breakfast, sunny terrace)
  • Cuatro Mars (cute restaurant with pretty interior, opens around 8.30pm)
  • Cafe arte (also seemed like a good place for breakfast)
  • La mas bonita (cute ibiza-feels lunch place at the beach)
  • Marina beach club (go there if you feel fancy starts around 2pm, great music)

Let me know if you're planning your trip to Valencia, curious to see what your thoughts and experiences are!


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