by - March 22, 2016

Work does not have to be the place where people only wear the boring grey/black and white uniforms. For the very creative, adjusting their style to the work environment might be a challenge, whereas those who feel comfortable in rather discrete outfits feel very much at ease doing this. At first I never really thought about it and showed up at work in ripped jeans and a sweatshirt. The people I work for have no problem with this at all. But once I had to go to a meeting or when hosting a press event, I had to switch it up a bit. I have some key garments for the office outfit, yet I still mix these with the more casual pieces. WE fashion put me up for the challenge of choosing my perfect Dress Up Thursday outfit. DUT is a concept that's been brought to life by WE since they think that this is the perfect excuse to inject some style into the modern working week. Saying that after the so-called hump of Wednesday and before Friday's race to the finish line, Dress Up Thursday is a moment to express your individuality.

Here is a little sneak peek of the complete #DRESSUPTHURSDAY outfit which will appear on à cause des brunettes later this week. As you can see it's not entirely black (surprise)!

Not only was this an opportunity for me to show you what my DUT outfit looks like, there is something in it for you guys as well! I am hosting a giveaway, where the winner gets a gift voucher of €125! This way you can add some sparkle to your every day working outfit! How you can win this voucher will be announced in the complete outfit post which will be posted later on this week. 

WE fashion has organized a giveaway themselves where you can win €500 of shopping money. All you have to do to win this one is: share your dressed up look on instagram using #DRESSUPTHURSDAY and tag @wefashionstories. 

All pictures for the #DRESSUPTHURSDAY posts are taken by Maya Bogaert

Stay tuned!

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