by - February 02, 2016

Busy busy. That's what the past few weeks were. I went to Paris (M&O) for work, started packing all of our stuff from the old apartment, moved from one place to another and currently I'm studying for this weeks' exams in between boxes. That's the reason why I haven't blogged for a while. Life happened. This week is all about settling down and finding the right furniture and accessories for the new place. The most important accessory we have is our stunning view over 'Het Zuid' in Antwerp. 

Before all of this happened, somewhere around November I bought my very first designer bag. A Belgian designer bag. Exchanging Ghent for Versailles, Marie started to design her own bags. Being this creative person she is, she has created her signature bucket bags, of which I bought one. For my trip to Paris, I took the Mrs. Martens bag with me. I made some pictures of the beauty in its natural habitat : Jardin les Tuileries and in front of the monumental Louvre museum. I'm so happy to have found the brand of Marie, as well as she's Belgian. 

Check her website for more designs.


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