by - February 12, 2016

Hi all! Unfortunately you can't touch any of these pictures, because if you would, you would fall in love asap. These mint-colored bed sheets are so soft! Since we moved into our new apartment I've been going through lots and lots of interior webshops. I found these bed sheets (Twirre - flanel) on Mamzel, a Belgian webshop. The thing is that the words they live by express their entire story of existence : they sell gifts, but also gifts for you. And that's why I basically rewarded myself with new flanel bed sheets, as it is one of the best gifts for yourself ever (especially during winter). I love how the they don't just underline me-time, they also have a heart for nature since they re-use their boxes to send the orders to customers. They use a very personal approach towards their clients and something for the entrepreneurs among us : you can be a Mamzel yourself!

You can host a Mamzel party at your house (girl-time!). That's when the Mamzel girls come to your house and show all things sweet they have in store for you!


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