by - December 23, 2015

I have to admit that I am quite fond of Christmas. I love spending time with family (even though it might be a bit forced sometimes) and eating some good food. I don't like the kitschy and distasteful christmas decorations that most of the people decorate their kitchen table or living room with. Less is more definitely should be applied to these holidays concerning the deco. And be grateful for the smaller things. In this post I took some pictures of things that I like for Christmas and just for your home as well, or things that could be great gifts (very last minute). I have these things myself, and I was very happy when I either bought them myself or received them as a gift. Therefore I think this post can be used as inspiration.
cute candles HEMA
The traditional Cuberdons by Leopold (cutest & most festive packaging ever) & cava with quote HEMA
artisan cookies and speculoos (made in Brussels) Maison Dandoy Catherine Lovatt tableware collection by Serax
To fill these beautiful cups with : Ritual's oriental night tea
with this make and bake cookie jar you can make your own cookies with everything that the jar contains, you only need to add butter and 1 egg. I'm sure your grand mother would love these cookies made with love, HEMA

 Christmas decorations : silver and pink candles and grey star candle and cute pink wooden christmas tree, HEMA
Cute copper LED lights Radbag

Here's my gift list 
- Redken Diamond oil
- D&G The one perfume 
- ProNails nailpolish 
- &Otherstories body scrub
- MAC mascara 
- Evocure day cream

Happy holidays!


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