by - December 15, 2015

In 2015 Flanders Fashion Institute launched the #IKKOOPBELGISCH campaign (translated: I buy Belgian) referring to Belgian design brands of all types of products. Until January 9th, a concept store hosts several Belgian brands to become a bit of a 'business card' of Antwerp. 

For the fashion retail management course I'm doing we had to watch the documentary 'The true cost' for our exam. This documentary literally changed my entire view on fashion and the fashion industry. This gave me an extra motivation to write this blog post. Because I know that these brands, who sell their products at the #IKKOOPBELGISCH concept store,  are the definition of slow fashion. We all need to establish a different way of thinking.
Instead of saying 'Shopping is my therapy' or 'Retail therapy' we need to move on to
 a more ethical an sustainable concept of fashion, the slow fashion movement. 

Also for this course, the designer and owner of one of the #IKKOOPBELGISCH brands, Ophelia (Ophelia lingerie) gave us students a lecture on story telling and branding. After we went to her atelier and somehow this had awakened quite a lot of emotions within me, because you got to be so intimate with this designer and her brand. The way she enchants you with her story on why she designs her lingerie; she wants to create lingerie that suits a woman's personality perfectly and emphasise the femininity of women. 

Another brand I reached out to before there was even the idea of this pop-up concept store is NO SEASON. Eva is the designer behind this creative fashion brand and I discovered her and her brand on Instagram.  Every item that she designs is made in Belgium. For me it's a brand that stands for creative freedom. She uses fabrics and materials that are out of the ordinary like plastic for example. 


Phyt plants 

The address of the concept store is : Kammenstraat 70, 2000 AntwerpJ

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