by - December 19, 2015

In my last post I talked a bit about slow fashion. In this outfit post, most of the garments I'm wearing are from Zara. I know that this is one of the biggest fast fashion brands in the industry, but as I said, slow fashion will influence my future purchases. I'm not going to throw away all of my clothes because that's not going to help anything. I will buy at Zara from time to time because being a student, I don't have a very big shopping budget every month. For me it's more about changing a mindset, going from 'retail therapy' to only buying things when I really need something (or I'll be sure that I will wear it more than 5 times at least). 

I've talked a couple of times about the Belgian fashion brand Essentiel. A colourful brand that wants to stand out. I once attended a presentation of the brand by Inge Onsea, the leading lady herself. She explained that she has a close relationship with her suppliers and the people they work with. Thumbs up for #teambelgium once again! Here's my outfit with my new Essentiel Alice in Wonderland clutch:


turtle neck knit S.Oliver // skirt Zara
leather jacket Zara // boots Zara
Clutch Essentiel

pictures taken by the lovely Charlotte


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