by - November 13, 2015

 As from today (13/11) Juttu has opened its store in Antwerp (Meir)! 
And as the hashtag says it #lessbittermoreglitter this new all-in-one store is like 
that glitter that stays on your face no matter what you do. 
It shines and stands out between all of the retailers on the Meir.
I must say that I stand completely behind their idea of sustainable fashion/interior/food.
And this is exactly what Antwerp needs as well. 

Shop consciously. Shop Juttu. What does this mean exactly?
Juttu is all about a new movement called slow shopping. 
The main focus of this new movement is quality and sustainability. 

For the pictures I made at the pre-opening event.. 
I have to apologize in advance for all the plant-pictures I made.
 Lately I've really been into plants and just can't help it. 
Juttu has so many of them and they're all unique looking.

 Hope you enjoyed reading this post! Go check out the store yourself!
Juttu Antwerp, Meir 10 

soon in Bruges as well!

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