by - November 22, 2015

As my boyfriend turned 23 in October I 'surprised' him with a little city trip to Amsterdam.

I'm saying 'surprised' because somehow everything that I want to keep as a surprise he always finds out. 
We went to A'dam from Monday 10 to Tuesday 11 November. 
We probably didn't pick the best days to go to this lovely city because of the horrible windy and rainy weather, 
but it turned out to be a cosy getaway after all! I have been to Amsterdam a couple of times
and still we managed to find new places to eat and shop (or window-shop). 

Oh and why I used only black and white photo's, I feel like Amsterdam doesn't really need all of the colours. 
The buildings, architecture, food,.. speaks for itself. That's why.

Thanks to a friend of mine who stayed at this b&b before we found Sophie's b&b next to the Vondelpark. 
I'll be showing you some pictures of her place in this post and I would like to share her price with you guys. 
Sophie charges €98 for a double bedroom per night. 
In my opinion it's definitely a fair price considering you're only 10 minutes away from the city center 
and I guess (just a wild guess) that the Vondelpark is quite the nice location 
for a spring/summer picnic (more pictures at the bottom of this post!). 
Another tip I'd like to give is one that I received from one of my other main girls, 
she advised me to go by car and use the P+R parking lot. 
It costs you ONLY €1 per day!! Of course this price has a reason to it. 
Because these parking lots are a bit out of the city center you are supposed to 
take the metro or tram and scan your tram ticket when you check out at the parking lot. 
That way they try to promote public transport (and succeed at it). 
First things we did : eat! We arrived in the city around 11am and we hadn't had breakfast yet so, 
we went to the 9 straatjes and had 'brunch' at Ree7
The boyfriend had the fried chicken sandwich and I the club sandwich. 
The mayonaise is SOO delicious! and it's very cosy there as well, recommended!
After our brunch we went to stroll around a bit in the 9 straatjes. 
Here you can find a well known vintage store called Episode! You can find here vintage Levi's, 
converse, nike sneakers,.. it's just purrrfect.
I forgot the name of the shop where they have stuffed animals and dried insects. 
This might sound a bit creepy but the result looks so beautiful!
(also check out the Love Stories boutique!)
When you've read my new york city diary you know I'm a big fan of hot chocolate. 
I don't drink coffee (shame on me I know) but I could drink hot cocoa every day.
We walked into this Urban cacao shop where we tried their hot chocolate and it's soo gooood!
 One of my conditions for it to be good is that they use dark chocolate
otherwise the flavour for me is too bland.

Around 5 we went back to our b&b to get ready for dinner. 
We decided that we had to try the Foodhallen because we heard 
so many good things about it. 
It's actually a covered market with lots of food stalls; great choice!

I'll summarise real quick what we had:
- a tapas assortment
- rice spring roll with pulled pork
- vietnamese sandwich
- a Dutch specialty that are actually fried balls with cheese; chorizo; truffle,.. in them
- a slice of pizza
Because of all the strolling around we did and the rather bad weather we were quite tired after dinner. 
We went back to our b&b and had a goodnight sleep.
In the morning Sophie brought us breakfast on bed as we call it. 
The next day we had until 2 do see some more of Amsterdam.
Cheesy, but we actually went to the museum of s-x. Which was quite funny actually!
At the flower market I bought a cactus and a sanseveria. 
Somehow I ended up not buying any clothes but only plants.

I hope you enjoyed this post!


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