by - October 09, 2015

After  my boyfriend and I moved in to our new apartment recently 
we just heard the news that we are moving into another apartment again real soon. 
Even though we finished putting everything into place just now 
I am looking forward to decorate this entire new space we’re about to live in. 
Our plan is to find something in the city center (of Antwerp that is) 
because we both really love Antwerp. 

Talking about redecorating, 
I would like for you to get to know this Australian interior brand Salt&Pepper.
Starting in 1995, sister and brother Sissi Stasios and Harry Pourounidis founded Salt&Pepper 
with the basic idea that home accessories are an expression of one’s style as an individual. 

Meaning that it’s kind of the same thing looking at fashion. 
I really can relate to their concept because how can you not be 
into interior design that matches your own sense of style? 
You always go for the items that you find matching your personality and 
that’s why I found it interesting to blog about this brand.
Another important thing that I have to mention is that their products are affordable. 
And for me it’s safe to say that affordable and qualitative 
homeware (except for Ikea) is rare. 
I, myself am not a design freak. But I am passionate about expressing 
myself through every little thing that I own, so it might as well be home accessories.

I discovered Salt&Pepper through Instagram a year ago and 
didn’t stop following them since.

I received the marble cups, small plates and copper tea spoons.
I think you might've read that I'm a big fan of everything marble,
so this might not come as a surprise that I love these cups, and spoons.

stores selling S&P in Belgium :

- COCHET, Wijnegem shopping center
- INNO, Meir Antwerpen/Schoten
for more check their website



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