by - October 28, 2015

Since the polaroid camera's made their way back into the trends
 I've found another way to have those cute polaroid pictures without using any polaroid camera at all. 
Lalalab (before Polagram) is an application which you can download in the appstore or on google play.
This isn't just any polaroid printing app, you can order any picture you want in a normal or polaroid format 
straight from your phone, delivered at your house. 
Besides the pola's you can also make your own magnets, photobook, poster and canvas! 
AND if you want to make it really personal : make some postcards using the pictures 
on your phone and send it right away. 

The app is very user friendly and every time you order something you get a referral code. 
If your friend or someone who wants to order something on Lalalab uses that code,
that person gets a €5 discount! And so do you. How amazing is that!
Considering printing 12 polaroid pictures (10x12) costs only € 6,67.
They also have a lot of offers where you can get free items such as free postcards, etc.

discount of €5 when using  PGKWPITL at the check out!

Sign up now on and spread the love!


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