by - October 21, 2015

Somehow I've turned into this glitter person. I don't know how or why, but it is what it is.
Glitter comes in all shapes and sizes but in my opinion you just have to cut down on the glitter a little. 
Using it as a statement piece, this top matched my light-colored outfit quite well. 
In fact I'm a big fan of simple cuts made out of distinct materials or patterns. 
I used to be a "black is my favorite color" person but that's been changing for some time now. 
I found this very light trench in new york last year at Topshop and it's definitely the perfect in-between-season coat! 
This outfitpost stands for my favorite outfit to wear actually. 
I love wearing mid-skirts with sneakers. Perfect for fall season!

If you still feel like wearing your spring/summer shoes, add some glitter socks. That's all.
And when it does get a little bit too cold, here's the solution:
A comma scarf/poncho, which you can wear both ways, will keep you warm.
I prefer wearing it as a scarf and it's made out of good & thick material. 
It really holds the wind back from kicking in. And it has pockets! Winning!

glitter top River Island // skirt ASOS
trench coat Topshop // socks & other stories
scarf comma // shoes Bershka
jewelry Imagin jewels

pictures taken by the lovely Céline


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