by - October 05, 2015

Hi all! Ever heard of the brand Colourful Rebel? It's a lifestyle magazine and 
they have a webshop with their own clothing as well! 
The brand Colourful Rebel has been founded in the heart of Amsterdam. 
Their source of inspiration: the young and restless. 
With their sweatshirts, tees and pants for both women and men, 
the clothes they make are a good mixture of casual and streetwear. 
That being said their clothes make you feel good 
in any circumstance because they are just so comfortable. 
They told me that their new collection (which is coming out this month and 
has been photographed in the big apple!) will be more broader and
 will include even underwear and jackets! 
That's going to be some rebellious underwear guys ;-) 
 I'm very curious for what their new collection will bring. 
Until then you can enjoy a 40% off on certain items on their website.
Here's how I styled one of their sweaters!



sweater Colourful rebel // trousers Zara
bag Zara // sneakers Adidas


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