by - September 13, 2015

In case you haven't heard about it or seen it yet, 
H&M offers a completely new beauty section in each store including 
everything you can imagine concerning beauty. 
I was invited to discover the brand new H&M beauty range 
last thursday and they kindaaaa swept me off my feet. 
Ever since I was 12 or so and took off to the city by myself or with my girlfriends, 
H&M was always there to offer my little teenage heart everything that it desired. 
A lot of H&M nail polishes , eye shadow palets and brushes 
are definitely part of my make up collection (sounds more professional than it is really).
 The new beauty range offers more unity between all of the different products looking at 
the packaging ranging from lipsticks, to hair products to nail polishes. 
They have a very professional look and the quality looks really great as well. 
I love how they still made the effort to give each and every product a unique name! 

The stores in Antwerp and Wijnegem are the ones who sell the entire beauty collection for now.


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