by - August 14, 2015

Last weekend the third edition of We Can Dance festival took place in Bruges (Belgium).
Even though I feel like Belgium is becoming the land of (not always the best) festivals, I do feel so many positive emotions towards WCD. This might sound a bit weird but somehow I feel very much at home at WCD. It's not just a festival that involves good music (it is too) but the people, the atmosphere, the BEST festival food,.. this festival is so much more than music.

This year I got to experience WCD thanks to the brand Shoe discount,
I got to choose an outfit of theirs and went to this amazing festival thanks to them!
The best pulledpork meal I've ever had (JUST SAYING).
When leaving the festival I bumped into this girl who was wearing this amazing pastel-colored biker jacket. 
Not thinking about how I would look like a complete freak I asked this cool chick if I could take a picture of her and she immediately said yes (thank god).
Even though her outfit wasn't tropical-themed, she was the big winner for me though!
raincoat is from ASOS and the sunnies are from Marc Jacobs!
See you next year We Can Dance !♡

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