by - July 28, 2015

Touchdown Antwerp. 
Got back from a 24-day-vacay and I'm really happy to sleep in my own bed again.
 A post on some tips for Los Angeles will follow later, 
first : the #alpronista.

Even though I'm not a complete health freak I do like to have 
my yogurt + strawberries in the morning for breakfast. 
For quite some time now I am hooked on the Alpro mild&creamy, 
a natural replacement for yogurt based on soy beans. 
Before I left to Los Angeles Alpro opened up a pop-up bar 
in the city center of Antwerp (already closed now = bummer),
where they offered smoothies, granola combo's and delicious ice cream. 
Just to show the entire food-audience that the alpro options are endless. 
Together with some other bloggers I was invited for a dinner 
at the pop-up bar which was hosted by Eva Daeleman. 

It's just so nice to have so many options you know, 
and being able to combine it with other food makes me very curious. 
I tried the almond milk for the first time and used it in a smoothie 
(picture at the bottom of this post!) and it was actually pretttty good!

Here are some impressions of the exclusive alpro dinner 
every course consisted out of a touch of alpro + adjusted smoothies:

I made this smoothie with blueberries, banana and alpro almond milk and it's delicious!
Thanks Alpro for having me! :-) You definitely turned me into an #alpronista :-)


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