by - July 05, 2015

I can recap june in one word : preparations. Since I celebrated my 21st birthday in Barcelona while I was on erasmus, I couldn't celebrate my birthday with any of my friends back then. My parents did come and visit me on that special day so it's definitely not like I was alone. But still. Celebrating with the friends who are always there for you, even though you may not talk to them constantly. Those people just had to be part of this year's birthday party. On 20th May I turned 22. I scheduled my birthday party a month later because a lot of my friends still had exams. 

My lovely boyfriend suggested to organize it at his parents' place because they have a 
gigantic backyard and pool. So the theme was set: 22 summers in Ibiza.
The day itself started out quite hectic but I got a lot of help from the bf and
it turned out to be very cosy (and we were very lucky with the weather!). 

I'd love to share some pictures that I made during the event!

These Flying Tiger candles in bright colors matched the theme so perfectly. 
I would like to introduce you to Studio Lala.
It's a very creative belgian company that makes party decorations in all kinds of forms.
I got the print out DIY kit, where you can make banners, party hats, invites,
small banners to put on the birthday cake, fans,...

Their decorations are just so cute and the designs range from minimalistic to the cutest watermelon prints.
Cute right? You can order lots of other things too like straws, lanterns, tassel banners,..
and Studio Lala gives you full freedom on creativity when you buy the print kits!
I've seen the bracelets in temporary tattoos quite often but necklaces? new to me! 
These are from Label 45. They also have neon temporary tattoos!
cocktails were offered by Cointreau Fizz!

I enjoyed this day very much! Now it's on to the next adventure :
Los Angeles & Las Vegas,
me = veeery excited!


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