by - May 16, 2015

During the first week of May I spent my days on the beautiful white island - Ibiza
I've been going on holiday there since I was basically in kinder garden so 
for me the island holds way more treasures than the party scene.
The things that I have become used to on Ibiza are actually
really worth sharing with you guys, that's why I wrote this post.
You can find more information about every place when you click on the links!

Start with exploring the old city centre. 
You can find lots of cosy boutiques in the little streets where they sell hand made bags
and clothes which you can't find anywhere else.
 I suggest you go up on the bridge right through the small castle. 
Then you can go all the way up where you have an amazing view of the island and the sea.
There's also a good restaurant up there called El Olivo.
If you want to eat the best iberican jamon you have to go Sant Cugat  to Bar es Canto
It's a tiny village with just one street consisting out of a church, a market place and some small restaurants and shops, but right across the church there's a place where they serve
the best jamon produced in ibiza itself (and the price is fair!).
Another special place to dine is a renovated church close to San Antoni.
The restaurant is called Sa Capella (they don't have a website) but I do suggest
you make a reservation a month before you visit Ibiza. Especially during summer!
If you prefer eating outside I recommend you La Brasa in the old city centre.
They have an amazing outside terrace that almost takes you into this magical world.
(also reservation = recommended here!)
Sunbathing all day at the Salines beach and having lunch at Guarana = perfect combo.
(and there's no fresher fish you'll find on the island!!)
Here's what I had for lunch last year :
I've also been to Nassau Beachclub, at the end of Playa d'en Bossa.
Their food is reaaaally good too and they've a relaxed atmosphere.
I do think during summer there's no room for a quiet and pieceful dinner because
they host lots of parties as well. If you're up for that it's perfect of course!

To end this post I'd like to mention the hotel I've stayed.
The name of this place is El Garbi and it's located at Playa d'en Bossa.
During the period we were there it was really tranquil because there weren't 
a lot of people staying at this hotel (beginning of the season).
It's the 3rd time we've stayed there and it's still a pleasure!

Who would I be if I didn't spend some time on shopping? ;-)
Here are some pictures of items I got in Ibiza!

Hope you enjoyed this post and it was useful to you! If you ever visit one of these places
 please let me know what you think of them!!

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