by - April 06, 2015

Happy Easter holidays everyone!
I just got back from Germany where the other part of my family lives and
we did an easter egg hunt (ofcourse) with my two little sisters. 
They enjoyed the hunt itself while I had more fun eating the chocolate haha.

In this post I am showing you the new limited edition sneakers of Scapa. 
Scapa is a Belgian brand known for its sometimes very sophisticated and elegant clothing,
so these sneakers are a big surprise and eyecatcher, showing you a glimpse 
of what the collection of F/W 2015 will look like (got me veeery excited o-f-c-o-u-r-s-e). 
I spotted this pair at the opening of the Scapa Sports store in Antwerp!

New on my make up table are these Polette eyewear sunglasses.
Frames designed by their own designers working in ateliers,
distinguishes this eyewear brand from the traditional players in the optical market.
The link between production and sales is direct so there 
are no intermediaries and this makes it all very affordable. 
The collection (prescription glasses and sunglasses!) is definitely affordable and tries
to cover a variety of styles such as retro, vintage, modern and eccentric designs.
It's very easy to order your Polette sunnies the website's structure is very clear and
easy to work with. They even designed the E-Polette, a special type of glasses 
that protects your eyes against the light of monitors (laptop, iPads, iPhones,..)!

sunnies Polette eyewear // turtle neck Zara //
jeans Filles à papa // trench Topshop //
shoes Scapa // bag Zara


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