by - March 26, 2015

So on tuesday our own Belgian designer Mr. Bruynooghe himself opened his store in Antwerp. Even though he only just recently graduated (2013) from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, he's already up for his next adventure.The academy is pretty well known for its very talented designers and I must say with pride that Wim definitely belongs to the top of graduates. I have a thing for Belgian designers so this doesn't come as a surprise that I support his collections 100%. His store is located on Frankrijklei 73 and his 
atelier is in the same building. His stunning pieces can be purchased by order so this makes everything as exclusive as his collection(s). Having talked this through I wanted to say something about his designs that are available in his store. 

This collection consists out of strong, simple and elegant silhouettes inspired by ceramics artist Carmen Dionyse (his muse). Here are a few impressions of the opening night 

PS there's an invite when you scroll all the way down!

Because the store opening is quite special Wim's hosting a second opening 
party (oh yes!) on friday 27th! Here's the invite :


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