by - March 03, 2015

Saying we were on cloud nine last night is even a big understatement.
Clouds of fashion opened at the Nationalestraat yesterday and we couldn't be more excited. 
Not only is that street making its way up, Laurentine's shop
definitely deserves a spot up there. Coming from a small cosy shop she took it
to the next level with her new big store. The pictures I took are not showing quite 
a lot of the clothes, I did that on purpose. Because I want you to go check out
them yourselves. The interior on the other hand, I must say, well done L! 
Put gorgeous clothes in a completely boring interior and they won't get to shine
like they deserve to. She did a very good job on that part too!

Clouds of fashion
Nationalestraat 79
2000 Antwerp


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