s.Oliver DENIM pop-up store

by - February 23, 2015

Denim denim denim. It has to be said : you can't live without it.
When you were a kid I'm sure your parents dressed you in denim
 (or jeans note: it's not the same!) to play around, to go to school,.. 
But denim is always there when your outfit needs 
that little bit of extra shine to make your ensemble complete. 
Because denim is not at all boring, 
on the contrary it can work very exciting and unexpected.

CharlotteJoya  and myself were invited
as bloggers to attend an all denim blogger event in Amsterdam in 
the newly opened s.Oliver pop-up store. Seeing a complete different side
from s.Oliver made me realize how all-round the brand really is. 
Especially the denim collection, where the possibilities to
 combine this collection are seriously endless. 

After receiving a glass of bubbles (prosecco I mean) we were 
asked to go to the meeting room where Wouter Munnichs was awaiting us. 
Mister Munnichs himself is an avid denim lover. Called 'denim head' this cool guy
explained us all the deeds on the history of denim and the fabric itself.

He explained us that denim was created in 1800 consisting out of sails of boats. 
Therefore the denim pants of that time were very strong 
and specially designed for the mine workers who had to work in mines 
sitting on their knees constantly. Various types of cotton determine 
the color of the pants and the eventual pants itself consists out of cotton and indigo. 
The yarn is dipped in indigo but the core of the yarn is never touched. 
That's why worn pants after a while will show white spots!
The blue color of denim is a result of a chemical process 
where the indigo is mixed with oxygen.

Another funny thing is the origin of the words denim and jeans.
The thing is that fabrics in that time were always 
named after the place where it was created.
Because Americans are not that good in speaking or even understanding French,
they changed "Serges de nîmes" to denim. (How though?!)
For jeans they some how changed "Gênes".

There are so many different types of denim/jeans but Wouter told us that
the denim of the stone ages (as I name it) only costed about 4€ or something.
And that there were no different sizes, one size fits all, made for suspenders.

After his interesting lecture, Fred van Leer came up with 2 models and 2 radio hosts he styled using the s.Oliver denim collection.


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