New York City diary

by - January 05, 2015

First of all, I wish you everything and more for 2015. 
The most important thing for me is achieving the goals I set for myself,
that's why I hope you will achieve yours, and be proud of what you'll accomplish!

NEXT : Sorry for being MIA, I'm studying quite a lot and working at the same time.
Talking about studying, I always become very active on social media
during the exam period (@julieg205 on twitter) and I stumbled upon
some pictures of New york. That reminded me of the pictures I took on my trip to New york
in september 2014. I would love to share my experiences with you guys!

STARTING with THE BEST (asian) restaurant I've ever been to (Manhattan).
Carrie and Big even had their rehearsal dinner here!
The food was finger-licking-good!!!
It has a mystical atmosphere with hidden dining areas, and to top it off downstairs :
the biggest and most beautiful table with chandeliers!
I really recommend you going to this restaurant, even if you're not a big fan of asian food.
The cocktail bar at the entrance alone will leave you stunned! 
Make sure to get a reservation because this place is quite busy (at all times) + a little bit expensive, 

but it is definitely worth it!!
 Next up :
It's a basement restaurant, hasn't been open for so long and already made a big impression!
Fresh and elegant Italian food, perfect for a dinner date!
Heading over to the other side of the Brooklyn Bridge
If you have enough of the big city life head over to Brooklyn to get some fresh air.

(great hot chocolate btw!)
 Walking through Brooklyn you'll find several small shops selling lots of creative stuff, like these for example:
Feeling so bad because I forgot the name of this shop but I'm sure I have their card somewhere in my room (I'll look for it pinky promise!)
 for LUNCH and THE best hot chocolate I've had head over to 
Hey Chelsea!
If you're in for an arty farty afternoon check out the art district,
lots of art galleries and there's something for everyone! (plus it's free!)
 Meatballs? YES PLEASE!
Casual but still refined food : meatballs <3 easy but soo delicious!
 Girls! unleash your inner gossip girl and go to Magnolia Bakery to get
your macaroons or in my case (another) hot cocoa!
I went to the one @ Bloomingdale's and got my little clear bag!
 In for some cupcakes?
Melissa, whoever you are, please come to Belgium.
For breakfast/lunch I can only recommed you Jack's wife Freda,
although it's a bit of a "have you seen me?" kind of place,
the food is THE best. Seriously.
I know you're probably already drooling right now when seeing the pictures.

 We also went to Bocca di Bacco not so far from where we were staying (The London NYC).
This very cosy italian restaurant serves all kinds of dishes,
I can't recall what the name was of mine, but it was something with pasta, tomato sauce and bacon.
We went back to this place on our departure day and also for lunch this place is veeelly good!

Ofcourse we did lots of touristic stuff too, like going to the Rockefeller center, 
Central Park
the NY Zoo , the High line, etc...

Let me know if you did any of these things while you were in NY! or if these tips
came in handy!

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