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by - January 18, 2015

I must say that beauty and make-up are not the things I'm very good at. 
Although I love looking at talented people (make up artist) doing it and the result of their work! These are the products I do use, and I have mastered until now! When I was little I was a bit of a tomboy, playing outside hanging in the trees etc. So I felt like I had a lot of catching up to do when I became a teenager when it came down to nailpolish.

I started experimenting with lots and lots of color, the brighter the better, and although I still love some color on my nails today, another side of me, the more subtle side, has revealed itself too the past few years.

The ones I use on a daily basis right now are a white nailpolish, nude and to add some
extravaganza to it all the metallic nailpolish. I often cover the nailpolish with a matte top coat!

I've also become a big fan of buying a bit more expensive basic make up that I see as an investment,
such as a black kohl pencil and the more (and matte) bright l'éclatante by chanel
Moving on to the basis where it all begins: 
the make-up base, I get red spots on my face quite easily so I was looking for
a product that would make my foundation stay longer, and this helped a lot!
I am also very happy with the coverage of the mineral foundation of Rituals
and of course the mineral compact powder to finish it all off.
then my most favorite products that do the trick: smelling absolutely amazing.
cleansing I do with a cleansing gel and make-up remover, they both work really well and my skin
feels soft and clean after using them! 
In case I don't have much time to put on make-up, 
what happens usually all the time I just put on some BB-creme and let the magic of nude magic work!
As you can see, I don't use that much of make up but the things I use work really well for me.
I also learned a lot through reading the make-up book by Sabine Peeters!


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