Pressdays @ OONA

by - November 05, 2014

What to expect for the upcoming season?
Here's a little preview from what's going to be in store soon :

a disney based black and white collection with a touch of gold and some other subtle colors!
Me likey, especially the scuba skirt!
When someone said Scapa I immediately linked it with the classic/chic style, 
but looking at this collection they've become really modern and used different types of fabric.
Magdalena's collection was in one word "soft". Especially in texture, 
and in the pastel coloured cardigans and tops.
Please keep an eye on this brand, 
their models are sooo gorgeous #want
and they're planning on opening their first store in Antwerp reaaaally soon!
(PS the store is going to be in Kloosterstraat!)
I'm a big fan of silver so these shoes.. oh my!
feeling all mermaid-like when looking at/wearing this collection!
Shimmering and shining - just the way I like it!
PS: well done Essentiel! I like the edgy side of you;)

I hope you're all looking forward to the future just like I do!
Oh and thanks to Oona for organizing this blogger night!
Really enjoyed it + gracias for the goodiebag!


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