Pressdays @ Fashionclub 70

by - October 16, 2014

So last thursday I went to visit Fashionclub 70's showroom in Antwerp.
They have lots of brands such as Philipp Plein, Zoe Karssen, ByDanie, NIKKIE, Tosca Blu,...
While enjoying my cup of Hey Honey tea by Cafe Couture
I wandered around the racks of clothes that were hanging there, waiting for me to take them home.. 
(not really though) but it just feels like having a jar of cookies standing in front of you
and you're not allowed to take one. 
These collections are from the spring/summer collections of 2015.
And let me tell you, if you're into pink, flamingo's and bohemian then you'll
definitely like this post!

And here it is the scuba skirt! 
I really think this is going to be THE item of next Spring/Summer!
and PINK ofcourse!
I'm not really a fan of the men's collection with all of the glitter and skulls,
but this jacket made me stop and take a look at it! It's quite tough and manly!
pure adoration when it comes down to theses wedges, they're sooo pretty
and definitely something different 
Also seen at the Oona Pressdays, the mermaid-like blue coloured sequins,
which I adore very much. 
Next summer's favorite animal will be : flamingos 
the scuba-story continues..
with palmtrees!
aaaand pink!
coming down from the pink cloud:
next up
this collection has the word bohemian all over it, 
the fringes & the buckskin
the always cosy and casual collection of Mrs. Karssen
not really innovatory but (!!) I would always find a moment
to wear these comfy clothes.
aaaand for the first time ; bathing suits!!
+ flamingos
aaand flamingos
colorful Ki6
ofcourse 7 for all mankind has always the perfect jeans - we know that already -
but these finishing elements caught my eye
Got a small taste of next summer and it's hard to let that go but still,
daydreaming is permitted!


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