Opening KOMONO in Antwerp

by - November 14, 2014

Kloosterstraat 96, 2000 Antwerp - that's the location of the new Komono store that's opened its doors the day before yesterday. Founded by Belgian designers Anton Janssens and Raf Maes (quite typical Belgian names (!), Komon means "little things" which has been interpreted by the designers as reducing culture to its simplest form.

Besides that I would think of "little things" as the little things in life that just make your outfit
better instantly, such as the small(er) accessories like a watch or sunglasses.
Looking at these sunglasses they'd just give that extra something even to a simple all black outfit, same thing goes for the watches. This is a little preview, but I suggest to go check out the store yourself!

I already saw these specs at the OONA pressdays (link to the post!)
These 3 were my absolute favorites! I love the special textures like the leather and the pony hair!
 my favorite one (maybe) for the boyfriend
I'm a big fan of blue!
 these pastel colors are great for the summer! I'm not that much of a 
girly girl but I really dig the pink one!
 druuuummmm rollllls :
these unique watches were made out of recycled material
Me, Julie Van Lommel & Charlotte De Lange having a laugh at the event!
#brunettes ;-)
the last 3 pictures were taken by Sam De Backer

there's only one thing left to say (repeat) : check out the collection yourself!


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