by - November 04, 2014

17-19 october : #BrusselsFashionDays
Where fashion meets people: This sentence is basically the complete strategy behind the fashion days. Multiple Belgian fashion schools were asked to expose the collection of some of their students in the venue called "The Egg" in Brussels. It's not just fashion, it's art. The sketches were shown and the patterns were also a part of the beautiful exhibition.
This is the last day of the fashion days, seen from my point of view:

(yep that's me)

The fashion show was supposed to take place at 5pm, you know I reaally hate waiting, 
especially when it's in a room packed with people where the temperature was rising so quickly,
they finally opened the door a little before 6pm
(tip for next year : better organization please!)

(this was my favorite creation by Christophe Dumez)
some of the schools that participated :
Fransisco Ferrer, Atelier Lannaux, Helmo,...

I really enjoyed the show after all, it's nice to see a mix of things
that are actually wearable and the other extreme : art.
Big up to all of the designers and their creations!


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