by - October 14, 2014

Meet my new furry friend : her name is Alessandra (me and a friend of mine who's living
in Barcelona at the moment made that up, she called her new pink pastel coat Juliette!).
I've always been a fan of fake fur, though I've never found one that didn't look
like a dead animal or a doormat. 
I've been told that  once you stop looking for something you would find it, 
and that's exactly what happened!
While I was shopping in Barcelona ( 23degrees) I found this beauty in Bershka, 
and as everyone knows, the spanish brands are much cheaper in (obviously) Spain,
so I just had to take Alessandra home! Et voilà!
(and it suits the Belgian weather pretty well)

Do you like my new babe? 
Any other tips on where to get a good furry friend?


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