#AFF_14 Antwerp Fashion Festival

by - September 23, 2014

I decided to wait a bit for writing my post on the Antwerp fashion festival which took place on september 12th and 13th, not just because I just got back from New York, 
but also because this festival was quite special and important to our city. 
Everyone knows that Antwerp has a lot of talent when it comes down to fashion, but in my opinion this is not being accentuated enough. 
Young talent needs to get more support in the future and the assets 
of our city in the fashion area should be emphasized much more. 
This post is to show you how I experienced the festival.
I'm used to attending shows, seeing everything happen from the outside but this time I wanted
it go a bit differently. 
On friday, the kick-off of the festival, the fashion show was held and I got to work backstage.

The second day, more than 100 shops in Antwerp opened their doors for a late night shopping event including drinks & music and lots of clothes to offer ofcourse.

a lot of shops hosted a contest such as Longchamp for example
Gins were served by Ginotheek
Elfi at your service to paint your nails at The Public Image

Looking forward to next years edition, meanwhile, keep supporting the fashion-talent of Antwerp.
Hope you enjoyed this post,


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