Things to do when going to PARIS - PART 1 - DAY ONE

by - January 05, 2014

Well I'm kind of ashamed to post this now as I went to Paris one month ago,
but I feel like, you know what they say about missing something when it's gone? 
Well that's what I'm going through now.
While reminiscing on this trip I have to say that I appreciate it so much more.
Time goes by so quickly, but at least we have pictures to remind us of the trips
we've made and the people we've become friends with.
Here's a list of things you just have to do when you're in Paris.

Oh and remember the other (well actually it was in 2012) blogpost about Paris
I wrote? Surely cannot get enough of the city.


First of all: I started the day with the Azzedine Alaïa exhibition at Palais Galliera
(check the blogpost about it here) entrance fee as a student is only 3,00€! 
And the exhibition's still there until 26th January.

Secondly: go check out the Champs Elysées,
you can go on the Arc de Triomphe for free if you're a student
and the view is magnificent! 
Going on the Eiffel Tour will cost you around 15,00€ if not more,
and I guess we've all been there, done that
so this one's a good tip!

third: visit Le Marais, it's a cosy little neighbourhood and
 they have over 3 Zadig & Voltaire stores, 
that's a good sign, right? 
Not only you can go there for some fashion indulgence,
as it's called Jewish quarter they have a lot of
food specialties too. When you're strolling down the streets 
like for example the Rue des Francs Bourgeois,
you'll be experiencing all kinds of sensory stimulation,
the beauty of the architecture, stores, lovely smells coming from 
the restaurants, seriously you just have to go there.

To end the day: we had dinner at a budget-friendly yet still very
good restaurant where I had a cheese burger and french fries.
The restaurant called Le Paname was very close to the metro station Étienne Marcel.
Another thing I love about Parisian restaurants is that water is free,
I mean here in Belgium a regular 1L bottle of water can cost up to 5€ (!!)

Le Paname
Rue Pierre Lescot 15
75001 Paris

tip 1: If you want to use the metro (which is the easiest and fastest way to
travel around the city) you should buy the 10ticket-formula where you 
get 10 tickets for like 14€, it's cheaper than buying these
2- or 3day metro tickets at tourist offices!
oh and if you want to check out Museums, most of them are free on the first sunday of the month
 and closed on mondays or tuesdays! 

PART 2 - DAY 2 will be on the blog soon!

Hope you liked it/was useful to you,


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