by - April 24, 2013

I went to see the Yves Saint Laurent Visionair exhibition in Brussels. Too bad the weather wasn't all that because I decided to make it a citytrip-day with my mom. 
Actually I wasn't allowed to take any pictures during my tour through the museum but when someone from security told me to stop taking pictures she said that I could do anything I want with them so.. here they are. I really recommend you all to go see the beautiful creations from the early years, he was such a great designer and made stunning/extraordinary pieces. I only made a few shots but the walk through the periods of time during his life is really inspiring. 
You can subscribe for workshops where kids make dolls they donate to charity.

exhibition extended until 12th May 2013

more info and tickets on ING/YSL
for students it's only € 3,00 admission fee!!


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