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A lot has changed since my last post. In fact I'm saying goodbye to the days of sleeping in late and being a couch potato - I had 2 months of holiday. I graduated in June and 
received my Master in Fashion management degree, so after I've been released into the grown up world. I guess. During my weeks off I started looking for some jobs I might be interested in. Unfortunately, I feel like the fashion industry in Belgium is so outdated and not creative at all. I was quite fortunate when a company called me and asked me for an interview, it took just one month and I was hired as Fashion Editor. 

That was a quick intro on how my life changed the past few months. Duifhuizen gave me the opportunity to choose this cute Love Moschino bag, which I combined with a cute last summer outfit. Since it's supposed to be the beginning of fall today, but in our minds it's still summer.


Initially I chose these Sacha velvet boots to match my outfit for the We can dance festival, in the end I decided not to wear them because of the sand which might damage the velvet (which of course I did not want to happen). They also deserve much more credit. I love how Sacha's collections are always to the point and very unique. They picked up on the velvet trend for F/W very well with these pink ankle boots! + the height of the heel is just perfect to wear them to work as well!


I am quite excited to see how the We can dance team has worked their magic on the beach area that the festival will take place tomorrow. Last year's theme was described as 'tropical' which attracted a lot of interesting fashionable creatures to the party, but with this year's theme, Space, my curiosity was sparked a little more. Another thing that has caught my eye is the Levis Tailorshop cargo bike that has considered the festival as one of their stops. In one of my previous posts I already described the patch trend that has been going on for a while now and which is actually taking over the high street fashion stores. Besides the tailorship on wheels, as you could say, Levi's also offers this tailor service in selected stores. 

BUT! for tomorrow; you can customize your favorite denim piece at the festival itself, adding patches, destroy some parts or decorate it in any way you like. 


One bad habit of mine is that whenever I get excited for something, I get pretty much over-excited immediately. Meaning that I want it now and I will work for it to have it at that specific moment. Of course this can turn out positively as well and up to now this has never gotten out of hand. What interesting is, is that I actually never bought something that's a bit more expensive because I reaaally wanted it. When it comes down to shopping I think things through more. I got a little swept of my feet when bumping into this cute Rebecca Minkoff bag when we were in an outlet store in Miami. I bought with a 60% (!!) discount on the day of my boyfriend and I's second year anniversary, must mean something right? So here it is: 


With everything and everyone being online 24/7, it's nice to cherish some things that are permanent. When moving into our new place, in which we have been living for the past six months, it felt like a blank canvas which we could decorate ourselves completely. An all white surrounding is perfect for some graphic design pieces, by which I thought of Hanna Kastl-Lungberg, a 23 year old Swedish design student. What's crazy is that she is my age and so talented when it comes down to graphic design. I asked her some questions about her vision and passion, her answers were confronting yet very real.


After Barcelona comes back to rainy (or rather: unpredictable) Belgium. I guess the memes say it all: don't come to Belgium if you want a real summer. Unfortunately I'm not a billionaire and I'm not capable of traveling 24/7 (If I was I probably would be), so I have to make the best out of it. I found this gorgeous shimmering rain coat on asos last year. I waited for about 3-4 months with wearing it to make it extra special (does this sound weird?) at we can dance. I'm not a big fan of rain coats since they're usually made out of pretty boring colors, and the cut, I mean, it's not that flattering. Anyways, here is one of my outfits I could wear on a daily basis. One item that's always included: sneakers sneakers sneakers.