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Happy one year anniversary to House of Products! HOP is a Dutch web shop selling deco/interior and fashion accessories and gifts for kiddo's as well as the hipsters and parents (and for yourself of course). Their motto : more of the unique, less of the same. Looking at their web shop their offer lives completely up to this motto. Brands with great stories are the basis of HOP. Like for example the Yunit shirts, which have a unique fitting which makes them wearable for men and women! These shirts are also made of organic cotton, this is amazing since cotton production is one of the most polluting industries in the fashion industry.

The way HOP puts the emphasis on stories to me is the answer to the abundance of information commercial brands try to put into our minds. A good and interesting story grabs attention and makes you want to listen to it.  I added some of their products to my interior and took a few photographs of it! 

The black paperbag cannot only be used for plants but also as storage for accessories, desk material,.. They also have it in different colors and sizes!


After the Valencia citytrip post I kind of re-descivored the usefulness of the backpack. In high school it was the most evident way of carrying your books to school, but I stopped using it when I went to university. Lots of high street brands have re-invented the backpack, which makes it kind of the adult version of the high school backpack since it doesn't lose its efficiency yet some models are very elegant. In this post I'm showing you how I wear my Topshop (by Zalando) backpack


Valencia 7/04/2016 - 11/04/2016 - Starting with the good job the people at the airport of Charleroi did when organizing all of the flights that were moved there from Brussels Airport. Even though we had to leave at 2 at night to take our flight at 6am, I was quite satisfied with the way all things worked out. We arrived on time in Valencia and immediately felt the rays of sunlight on our skin when stepping out of the plane. Taking the metro was so easy, and brought us to our B&B 7moons. The bed and breakfast was located close to the old centre and the Green River. Beside the fact that we bumped into a Belgian or Dutch person every 5 minutes, the local people were quite ok (compared to Barcelona). 


After everything that happened in Belgium it's important to keep our heads up high. This is not me trying to be a hero here, but just the conclusion that I made after thinking all of this through. Because that's all they want, trying to make us feel afraid of each other and putting the emphasis on difference instead of similarities. We shot this outfit last week before all of these things happened. Antwerp is the city where I live and love to live. Nothing is going to change that. 

In this post I wore the jacquard-weave jacket available in stores now, which is a definite casual classic. Easy to wear during spring since it's still provides the necessary warmth but it's not too thick. I wore it with a black skinny jeans and basic grey t-shirt. The jewelry are also H&M but from last season.


Thursday it is! As I mentioned in last tuesday's post I was going to post my #DRESSUPTHURSDAY outfit post this week, and here it is. I guess I have some explaining to do. I love wearing maxi dresses and sweaters. Therefore I found the perfect work-alternative; the maxi rib dress. It has a tight fit, yet because of the thicker fabric it doesn't show the body shapes in detail very much. The casual chic dress has a turtle neck (love turtle necks) and long sleeves. Adding a bit color to the black outfit with the green/blue striped knit, to me it makes it even stand out more being on top of the maxi dress. It kind of reminded me of COS or & other stories, which I'm a big fan of, so I was quite happy with this piece. On top: the belted black blazer! I love this piece. You can actually add this to any type of outfit and it makes your outfit look smart instantly. During spring/summer you can leave it open which makes it look more casual. For the accessories of this outfit I'm wearing the 100% leather snake clutch ,the sunnies and earrings are also WE fashion

I hope this outfit inspires you to add a bit more sparkle to your every day work outfit! That's why I teamed up with WE fashion to give away a gift voucher of €125 on my Instagram account ! This competition ends on Easter Monday 28th March (perfect Easter gift!)!

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Work does not have to be the place where people only wear the boring grey/black and white uniforms. For the very creative, adjusting their style to the work environment might be a challenge, whereas those who feel comfortable in rather discrete outfits feel very much at ease doing this. At first I never really thought about it and showed up at work in ripped jeans and a sweatshirt. The people I work for have no problem with this at all. But once I had to go to a meeting or when hosting a press event, I had to switch it up a bit. I have some key garments for the office outfit, yet I still mix these with the more casual pieces. WE fashion put me up for the challenge of choosing my perfect Dress Up Thursday outfit. DUT is a concept that's been brought to life by WE since they think that this is the perfect excuse to inject some style into the modern working week. Saying that after the so-called hump of Wednesday and before Friday's race to the finish line, Dress Up Thursday is a moment to express your individuality.

Here is a little sneak peek of the complete #DRESSUPTHURSDAY outfit which will appear on à cause des brunettes later this week. As you can see it's not entirely black (surprise)!

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