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After Barcelona comes back to rainy (or rather: unpredictable) Belgium. I guess the memes say it all: don't come to Belgium if you want a real summer. Unfortunately I'm not a billionaire and I'm not capable of traveling 24/7 (If I was I probably would be), so I have to make the best out of it. I found this gorgeous shimmering rain coat on asos last year. I waited for about 3-4 months with wearing it to make it extra special (does this sound weird?) at we can dance. I'm not a big fan of rain coats since they're usually made out of pretty boring colors, and the cut, I mean, it's not that flattering. Anyways, here is one of my outfits I could wear on a daily basis. One item that's always included: sneakers sneakers sneakers.


 Drum rolls please! I'm showing you the results of my little "IKEA More than dining" project in this blog post. Seriously it's only when you put all the furniture and deco stuff together that you can see the bigger picture and I must say, even though I'm no interior designer, I'm pretty happy with the result. I love the combination of the different materials and colors, somehow they provide the perfect balance in our all white apartment. Since we had this big open space the dining area just screamed for a large table. And I wouldn't want any other table. As I said in the sneakpeak post I initially pictured black chairs in combination with the table, but somehow these grey ones makes it look more distinct and stands out more. Therefore I did choose black tableware.


If you're up for a shopping trip then I recommend you this: get up early and drive to Maasmechelen Village. Arriving there before 12 = no cues and not a lot of people. I love having all the shops I like close to each other and that's exactly what you can expect of the outlet village. Even though the word 'outlet' is still connected to some negative connotations, meaning that the collections are pretty outdated, MMV keeps up with the current trends pretty well. With shops like Essentiel, Levi's, Calvin Klein, Furla, etc.. the outlet offers such cute items for less than the retail price. Also if you love yourself some good basics like denim, I can recommend you stopping by at Levi's since they have still so much choice! Also Calvin Klein does it pretty good in my MMV-top-shops-list, the basic underwear that's been so popular for the last couple of months is part of their permanent offer. With such strange weather (going from blinding sun to pouring rain) it doesn't take you long to hop into the next store or restaurant (=great for lazy people like me). 


We moved into our new place in Februari 2016. Even though it's not entirely finished (always craving for new deco stuff) I wanted to write a few things about the center piece of our apartment : the dining room. As I wrote in my inspo post I'm a big fan of Scandinavian interiors. On my interior goals-list: a large wooden table with a bench and chairs. I set my standards pretty high when it came down to finding a wooden table. I never thought there were so many differences in types of wood. I am planning on showing you some sneak peaks of our place since the full pictures will be shown in an upcoming post!


I think it was at the beginning of 2015 that I posted a blog post on my daily used beauty products, well that routine has changed, a lot. I started trying out much more qualitative products which definitely have had their effects on my skin. I still haven't become a pro in beauty but still, I know what products I like to put on my face (which is not an easy decision to make I swear) and I know what products have an impact (at least for me because it's a very personal matter). 

When pointing out what beauty product is on my number one priority list it has to be the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum. You only have to apply two to three drops of the serum first onto the palm of your hand and then slightly dip it onto your face. When applying your day/or night cream after your face will retain the moisture that your skin needs much more effectively.


Trends come and go, but patches are a style trend that already exist for a very long time. As a symbol of youth rebellion youngsters started adding patches and paint messages to their garments in the 1950s and 1960s. Before, they were used to cover up holes in threadbare clothing and labeling people in uniforms. The 1960s rebel-trend had an impact on the hippies of the 1970s. As a form of protesting against the protesters of the Vietnam war, 1970s youngsters added the patches to their clothing to spread a message of love and peace.

I have always been a fan of patches but I have never actually added to clothing myself. On a grey Sunday afternoon like this I started a little DIY project : adding patches to some of my clothing pieces! For a klutz (someone who is not very handy) like me this was actually the most easiest thing to do in DIY world I guess.

I received the Mickey mouse hand from DYOU studio, the other patches I ordered on Aliexpress. 

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